• Beat procrastination & nail your goals.

    Get back on track with accountability coaching.

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    Do you feel unfocused and distracted?


    Unsure where to start your new project?


    Tried dozens of apps to increase productivity, but nothing worked?


    These problems are very common.

    The reason you might have them is, in fact, not your fault!


    The modern romantic idea of an entrepreneur is someone who succeeds alone.


    But, this is entirely false.


    Top performers always have a team.


    Research shows that having regular accountability appointments

    increases your chances of success to 95%.


    My name is Marta and my mission is to help entrepreneurs and freelancers just like you achieve their goals.


    My unique skill?


    I ask the exact questions you need to power up your thinking.


    You get focus, motivation, and a clear path to nail your goals.

  • ❤️ What others say

    Marta is skilled not only at empathizing but also at finding practical solutions to problems. She asked questions to get me thinking about my life and offered a whole range of resources for me to browse through to help me get to the next step.

    — Frank Rowley, Cryptocurrency Specialist

    I’ve procrastinated for over a year, all but abandoning a writing project that’s been a source of both joy and frustration. Marta helped me to regain my motivation and passion for this project, which has long been in decline.

    — Jaco van Der Byl, Engineering Manager at WorldFirst

    It was amazing – jumped started my little fitness project, gave very concrete tips on how to start on this goal.

    — Jan Domanski, Software Engineer at Amazon


    I had identified 15-20 obstacles to completing what was already quite a complex long term goal, but Marta identified the main roadblocks, and helped me to create a holistic plan to move forward in the coming weeks and months.

    — Arran McCutcheon​, Data Science Student​

  • Upgrade your productivity & focus now!

  • How do I make sure you succeed?

    What you get each month

    30 min intro call

    A 30 minute video call to define your goal and the priorities for the month.


    I make sure your goal is bulletproof.

    Success template

    A step-by-step plan on how to make progress & achieve your goal.


    I help you find methods to prevent obstacles.

    4 x 25 min calls

    Every week we have a catch up session to review your progress.


    I help you make a plan for the coming week.


    Daily check-in

    Each day I ask you if you've done what you planned.


    I make sure you stay on track, every day.

  • ♦ Clarify your project.

    I'll use a personalised dashboard with clear steps & milestones.


    Create a plan.

    I bring you closer to your goals using science-backed methods.


    Stay on track.

    I get you addicted to getting things done with gamification & goal-directed habits.

  • FAQ

    How do I pay?

    Go to the shop section and add to cart the plan you want. Click the cart in the top right corner to complete the transaction. The payment is processed by Paypal.

    Do you offer custom coaching plans?

    Sure thing. If you'd like a specific adjustment to the plans shown on the page get in touch and we'll figure out what would work best.

    How do I know it will work for me?

    If you've never tried accountability coaching, give it a try with the starter package first. You'll be able to assess if this method works for you and adjust the details later, as needed.

    What happens after I pay?

    Within 24 hours of your payment, I'll email you with a short introductory form and instructions how to book your first session at a time convenient to you.

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